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Did you know that microgreens can have up to 30 times more concentrated nutrients than their mature namesake plants do?

Our Tiny Greens or microgreens are a superfood that delivers a punch of flavour and nutrients all at the same time.

Studies have found that microgreens, including red cabbage and radish contain up to thirty times higher levels of vital nutrients than their more mature name sake.

Microgreens are the young seedlings of various edible vegetables that are eaten generally within 10-24 days after they began growing. Due to the fact that all the nutrients that are needed to grow the plant are present when harvesting, microgreens are very concentrated with flavour, texture and nutrients. Aside from the wonderful colours and textures that they provide, and chefs just love, the taste on our microgreens is very delicious and can enrich any food they are combined with.

In one study done at the University of Maryland in College Park, it was reported, “The microgreens were four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts,” says researcher Qin Wang, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Maryland in College Park. “When we first got the results we had to rush to double and triple check them.”

During this study, one finding found that tred cabbage microgreens had 30-40 times more vitamin E and five times more vitamin C than mature red cabbage.