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Peterborough’s Urban Farm / Cafe / Microgreenery
located located in Downtown Peterborough, Ontario


Tiny Greens brings the farm to you!

Located downtown Peterborough we have created an urban farm where we harvest greens daily from our microgreen gardens creating amazing plant based food and drinks.

We offer fresh cut greens from our one of a kind growing salad bar harvesting while you wait offering the freshest greens to take home.

Tiny Greens features a Juice and Smoothie bar blending one of a kind full food smoothies that are filling and delicious, fresh pressed juice served onsite with our garden greens harvested and pressed intoyour juice.

Our popular fridge of goodness is packed with plant based foods made from scratch. Fully made meals, vegan cheeses and healthy treats ready for quick purchases or make time to stay and enjoy our healthy hangout. It’s like the new healthy coffee shop, come with a friend, a date, good book or to study and relax in our beautifully designed indoor gardens and social space offering free wifi, a comfy seating area in a vibrant healthy environment.

Our space is designed for you so we invite you to come, feel at home and make healthy living a fun satisfying journey.

We also offer:

  • DIY Terrarium Building Center: Drop in / reservations
  • Plants succulents and cacti
  • Gift and novelty items
  • Workshops and events
  • Ready Made Take Home food and Juice programs
  • Large selections of seeds, growing lights and supplies from home growers
  • Wheatgrass

Come for the food and smoothies, stay for the ambience:

  • Lots of varieties of microgreens, grown right here, on site in our urban microgreenery
  • Gift Certificates of all amounts
  • Vegetarian and VEGAN Cafe with lots of great foods, salads and decadent treats!
  • Edible Microgreen Arrangements for any occasion (made to order)
  • JUICE BAR (+ Smoothie Bar) – Made FRESH right in front of you
  • Enjoy our WIFI in our “Healthy Hangout” located at 431 George Street North (across from KNOCK ON WOOD)
  • And so Much more….. This is a destination.. .come on by!CHECK OUT OUR STORE PICTURES HERE



Inside Peterborough's Tiny GreensTiny Greens - Microgreens

Unique, One-of-a-Kind, Peterborough, Ontario based Microgreen Gardens

Tiny Greens grows delicious, edible microgreens to add
flavour and nutrition to any meal.

Growing local sustainable microgreens all year round. Juicing, healthy eating, chefs trays, seeds and teaching people how to grow amazing food indoors. We can also be found at the Peterborough & Lakefield Markets

Studies have found that microgreens and sprouts, including red
cabbage and radish contain up to thirty times higher levels of vital nutrients than
their more mature name sake. Find out more in our Product Section


Our varieties of tiny greens are ready for harvesting when you take them home,
and cut as desired, to enjoy the freshest greens possible.

We are a locally owned, Peterborough-based offering the freshest growing sprouts and microgreens
for weekly, bi-weekly orders, bulk orders and delivery for groups, offices or businesses.

Tiny Greens Current Selections